Sziget Festival: Glass Lab 1.0
Brand-content for Sziget Festival

Sziget Festival: Glass Lab 1.0

Exclusively for Sziget Festival 2015, one of the biggest music fest of Europe located in Budapest (Hungaria), Shaman is directing in collaboration with the talented polonese artist Justyna Turek an extra-sensorial installation: Glass Lab 1.0

Glass lab 1.0: a unique experience blending sight, sound and touch. – Justyna Turek / Shaman Agency.
In the middle stands a tree surrounded by chaos and a vibrant crowd. It is a source of energy and a place of rest for those who come and lean against it for a while, like this they might catch their breath before plunging back into the festival frenzy.
When approaching, it is a clear sight: covered-up with illuminated jars filled with colourful fluids and decorated with long dyed stripes floating in the breeze. From far away the spectator can stand and see the sunshine reflecting through the glass. But he can also merge into the tree heart, then sit and let himself go with electronic and natural, soft and relaxing music.

Justyna Turek has spent the last years between Paris, New York and Warsaw where she had the opportunity to specialize as a glass artist, and be awarded by participating in several international projects.
Glass Lab 1.0 has been the most popular installation of the festival, with people’s presence all week and 24/24h. An major digital impact and a continuous feedback from the festival audience on their social networks : Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Artiste: Justyna Turek ///
Production: Shaman  ///
Construction: Spectribe Co. ///
Video & Montage: Anna Rubi ///