Bankin - 2nd TV Commercial
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Bankin – 2nd TV Commercial

For this second TV commercial, we wanted to keep playing with Bankin fun spirit and showcase how serious they are compared to (sometimes) ridiculous situations.

That’s how we came with the idea of Financial Dancing Therapy: a session where you may understand how to manage your money… but we have a secret: using Bankin will probably be more efficient!


Production: Shaman Agency
Copywriter: Anatole Galais / Léo Bigiaoui
Director: Léo Bigiaoui
1st Assistant Director: Ornella Lantier
DOP: Teva Vetea
Camera assistant: Mathias Gaume
Gaffer: Julien Derail
Sound engineer: Alban Lejeune
Makeup artist: Julie Meno
Location Manager: Thomas Gailhard
Editing: Peha Morin
Sound Mix: Alban Lejeune
Colorist: Florian Martiny
Actors: Marie Desgranges, Amélie Robin, Hugo Petitier, Yannick Douzouo