Publicité TV Bankin par Shaman
Brand-content,Startups for Bankin

Bankin – 1st TV Commercial

When we started to talk with Bankin about their first TV commercial, we knew it would be a fun project to do together! The team wanted to showcase its best feature using humour.
That’s how we came with the idea of Funny Backgrounds: Bankin is such a great app that you sometime miss some funny action happening around you!


Production: Shaman Agency
Story & direction: Eliott de Gastines
DOP: Emmanuel Bernard
Camera assistant: Timothé Garcia
Lights: Mickael Delahaie
Sound engineer: Quentin Bourgeois
Set Decoration: Pierre Osawa
Makeup & costumes: Fanny Caudet
Editing: Peha Morin
Motion Design: Amaury Campion
Sound Design & Original Music: Clément Barbier, Valentin Marinelli
Sound Mix: Quentin Bourgeois
Colorist: PointMoov